Welcome to Mobile Drum Teacher!


My name is Blake McCathie. I have lived in Newcastle most of my life, yet my drumming journey began when I moved to Sweden at 17 years of age.

I was asked by a friend if I’d like to join the music class at the school I attended. The teacher asked me which instrument I wanted to learn and my first answer was drums.

I soon had my first lesson and fell in love with it.  I learned a few of the basics before returning to Australia where I begged my parents for a drum kit, which I finally got for my birthday (after hitting pillows with drumsticks for 8 months).

2 years later I attended Drum-Tech music school in London, England.

Here I gained more knowledge about drums and general musicianship. I learned to play with other musicians, performing live and playing in a recording studio. This is where I learned to read sheet music and understand a variety of techniques and tips as a musician.

I had only been playing for around 2 years at this point (which was less than every other drummer at the school) which seemed a bit intimidating yet I scored first and second place a few times in the live performances out of my whole class so I was happy with my progress.

I have continued to teach myself and have played with a few bands and learned over 60 cover songs.

10 years later and this is where I am now. It is my dream to make music my life. I want to teach it, compose it, perform it and most of all, enjoy it.

I am currently working on my first album which I will play drums, keyboard and flute on.

I started as a drummer, but through that, I have learned to write and compose music for other instruments also. Learning other instruments has also given me a different perspective and new ideas on the drums.

Deciding to learn the drums all that time ago across the other side of the world was the best choice I have ever made.

I look forward to what the future holds.