Adaptable, Reliable.

My 12-year-old son started learning drums with Blake 10 months ago after 2 unsuccessful experiences with other teachers.

So far it is a big success: he has improved a lot and he enjoys drumming again. He is now able to play 7 songs that I thought too complicated for him 10 months ago.

I explain this improvement by the fact that Blake has adapted to my son. Indeed, after a 10-minute chat, the way of teaching was defined: the different skills will be learnt through the songs my son likes. Some of them will be slightly modified.

So, with my son, Blake doesn’t follow one method (with imposed exercises to practice) or impose songs. However if it is the ways your child likes to learn, Blake will adapt. It will not be an issue for him because he really masters his instrument.

I also want to add that Blake is always on time.

I really recommend Blake. – Auguste


Blake is a fantastic instructor. He is patient, comprehensive and organised. Let not forget reliable. He has been instructing our son Hunter for about three months and Hunters confidence and improvements have been fantastic. Highly recommend Blake and Molbile Drum Teacher as a business. – Steve Williams.


Blake has been teaching our 12yo for some time now and has so much patience. We love that Blake takes the time to find out what Coop’s interests are and builds his lessons around them to keep him motivated.
Coop really enjoys his lessons with Blake and I love the fact that Blake comes to us and it’s one less activity that I need to cart kids to. I’m confident it won’t be long till Blake will be teaching little miss almost 4 as well. – Amii Jones


My ten year old has been having lessons with Blake since December and his drumming has improved and his confidence has increased, Thanks Blake. – Sarah